Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 2017 Update on Tabby's Star

If you want to know what is going on day to day with Tabby's Star, then the site Where's The Flux is an excellent resource. If you want to catch up on the basic info with sourced facts, you might want to check out the Wiki on /r/kic8462852. It includes a timeline of what has happened so far and a list of information sources - both the professional literature and more accessible materials as well.

In this post I'll try to create a bit more context without going overboard on the speculation. People love speculating on this star (as do I), but really very little of it is justified at this point. The hard work of observing and phenomenology has to take precedence. My main focus has been on figuring out the broad strokes of what it is we've been seeing since October of 2015 when this ordinary star suddenly became the focus of intense study.

The Elsie Complex

As we documented earlier, in May of 2017 the star had its first real dip in brightness, since dubbed "Elsie." In June, there was another dip, "Celeste," and that was shortly followed by another shallow dip of long duration, which does not yet have a name (let's call it "DWAIN," or Dip Without an Interesting Name).
Elsie, Celeste, and DWAIN, which continues. Based on LCO photometry data